About A.H.R


Angelea Heartsong-Redding is a photographic artist based out of rural northern California. 

Her work is classical, utilizing silver gelatin film and traditional darkroom printing methods. Conversely she is exploring what it means to break the rules of standard practice, and how she can push the limits of her photographic materials. All of her work is created within the realm of analog, from the cameras she employs, to the methods she uses to realize these images into the tangible.

Angelea’s artistic practice is deeply affected by her lack of a traditional upbringing and her life as the daughter of a self employed single mother. Having spent her childhood living out of the back of a shit-brown VW Westfalia, in domestic violence shelters, or traveling in an Ashram, her life was rootless.  HR longed for the relationship of home - the link to a place of being - and this deeply influences her work. She says, “I am searching for the connection between history, home and experience; between human and nature, and I am always chasing the light.”